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 The DoMC Is Here!

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PostSubject: The DoMC Is Here!   Tue Dec 15, 2009 7:19 pm

DOMC Posting on Aeria Forums

Here's the text of that posting for those who don't wanna click LOL..but I hope you do click it and then post on the Aeria forum thread to show your support of Kindred!!! Also, if you are able to craft lvl 10-20 armors and/or weapons the day of the event, let us know, we need crafters! Also, if you're very knowledgeable of the game and can come by that day to help answer newbie questions we need you!

The Dream Of Mirror Charity Is Back!!

Kindred guild is sponsoring the DOMC and we have some great things to offer the newer player base of DOMO!

<If you're a newer player (No jobs over lvl 20) Come out to Pandora's Platform to receive a free set of armor and free weapon!!(Level 10-20 Armor/Weapons only)
<Due to very generous players on the Onyx Server, we also have tons of free Vitamin B and Lesser Parietal Powders as well as a mix of other pills and powders!!
<There will also be a Q&A there at the platform so bring your burning questions and we'll have some knowledgeable players on hand to help you get them answered!

DoMC ~ Dream Of Mirror Charity
Sunday January 3 , 2009 at 1:00 PM PST (4:00 PM EST)
This event is for Onyx Server

Come to Pandora's Platform in Eversun South to get free armor and weapons!

The DoMC will be on hand to make and hand out free of charge armors, weapons and mp/hp pots to newer players! We'd like to show you all how important you are to the DOMO Community and try to ease the strain of the current economy!


If you have mats you'd like to donate to the charity you can either contact =Tai= or lil'Kaioan in game. You can now mail your donations to our DoMC Helper mules! The character names are:

~*DoMC_Helper*~ (for mats)
=Charity= (for pills and powders)

We will be accepting donations of any and all mats to create armors of levels 10, 15, and 20. Also needed are mats to create weapons of levels 10, 18 and 20 Some are listed below:

Apple Wood
Maple Wood
Pig Oil
Copper Bars
Animal Fat
Vine Rope
Wild Hide
Brewers Yeast
Red Silk Thread
Cow Cord
Hemp Rope
Beast Fang

Also, if you'd like to hang around during the event and answer questions that would be awesome! We could use all the help we can get!

We will also be accepting any pills and powders pertaining to these levels.

We're trying to steer clear from pets and permanent costumes as these will
invoke abusers to participate.

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The DoMC Is Here!
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