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 Kindred Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Kindred Guild Rules   Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:36 am

Newly Added Guild members must show activity within 15 days after they are added to the guild or they will be removed.
Guild member(s) who are not active for 30 days (unless they have let an elder know otherwise) will be removed.
Once you are removed, or if you leave on your own accord, you may come back a total of 1 time. After that it's decided by the elders as a group.

Elders/Branch Heads:
Any Elder or Branch Head that is not active for 7 days will be removed of their position and replaced, then subject to aforementioned activity rule if not active for 30 days.
All of these policies are decided at the discretion of the Elder team.

Alts (Secondary Characters):
Alt characters should be approved by an elder before they are added to the guild for the sole purpose of us being able to keep track of them. This is important due to the fact when our guild reaches full capacity, and if we need room for new members, Alts may be removed without notice to accommodate new members. Prior activity rules apply.

Some general rules of behavior within the guild:

***First and foremost, we expect everyone to respect fellow guildies, no matter the level, age, rank etc of anyone. This is NOT limited to Chairperson, Elders or Branch Heads, although since they are your guild leaders, treating them with respect is common courtesy. If you have issue with anyone in guild, please don't argue/fight in guild chat, take it to PM's...again, it's all about respecting fellow guildies.

***Please keep in mind that the Elders of the guild are responsible for keeping track and maintaining order of events/problems/activity/members of the guild. So, if we make inquiries concerning any of these, please be helpful and polite. We have a lot we are responsible for, and it does not help if if we have to deal with sarcasm and disrespect while trying to deal with any said prior responsibilities. We thank you for your cooperation.

Now being different is what makes the Guild a Community, and there are many ways in which we can be different, thus leading to many (too many to list) ways to offend someone. So please, despite our differences we should try to accept them and try to get along. Our guild name alone speaks of our wish to be a community and Family.

In a nutshell, we'd like everyone to be here, and not be an asshole.


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Kindred Guild Rules
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